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How the VIVA Project Works



Educators working in Pittsburgh Public Schools and parents and community members of PPS share their ideas about redesigning local schools to meet the needs of today and expectations of tomorrow.


Thought leaders from the conversation are invited to join a Writing Collaborative charged with synthesizing the ideas of the group as a whole into a report.


Members of the Writing Collaborative meet together with PPS Superintendent Linda Lane to discuss the recommendations for Pittsburgh schools to achieve their full potential.

Our Question:

What should Pittsburgh Public Schools do to ensure high quality schools that prepare ALL students -- both academically and non-academically – to succeed in all aspects of life? What supports should the district provide to help school-based staff build positive teaching and learning environments? What changes need to be made at the school-building level for the district to accelerate academic achievement and eliminate racial disparities? How can the district improve the culture and sense of community in their schools so all students are Promise-ready? How can we combine these solutions to ensure that every student walks across the stage at graduation into a brighter future for themselves and the city of Pittsburgh?

Staff training, development, and discipline

Susan D. I mentor several students in PPSD, most of whom are ESL students. In addition, I teach some recent PPS graduates (who are... More »

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Thank you!

Andrea S. I cant thank the writers of the VIVA collaborative enough. Its time for PPS to acknowledge and understand what the strugg... More »

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hybrid school

Theresa S. I am seeing a lot of small, secular co-ops popping up around me among homeschoolers. There are many different reasons peo... More »

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lanyard at Perry

Anonymous X. I'm very concerned about what's happening at Perry right now. My daughter is a 9th grader at Perry and she was ... More »

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Pulling the plug here soon.

Mark R. Housekeeping.

When will you pull the plug to this specific to Pittsburgh discussion? Are you making a summary document? More »

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